Pad Thai

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The Pad Thai is one of the best known Thai dishes. I first enjoyed this dish a couple of years ago during my honeymoon in Thailand and it has been in my heart ever since. The last time I ate Pad Thai was a couple of months ago in London and since then I have had the melancholy of Thai recipes.
Unfortunately, Thai cuisine is not very trendy here and so to try Pad Thai again I had to prepare it myself :)
I know that finding all the ingredients is not easy ... in the end I too did not find the right size noodles (they must be 3/5 mm, the ones I had at home were too thin) and I did without Chinese leek .. but I am satisfied to have prepared the Pad Thai and to have smelled again ... the smell of Thailand §_§


How to make Pad thai

Put the noodles in warm water for about 10 minutes or as indicated on your package
In a wok heat the seed oil and sauté the chopped leek and the garlic powder.Add the prawns, the tofu cut into cubes and sauté a few minutes in the wokAdd the bean sprouts and chives
Drain the noodles and toss them in the wok together with a cup of the water in which you made them soften.
Now add the tamarind paste, sugar, and fish sauce.

Make room in the wok by putting all the noodles on one side and break the eggs one at a time by making them scramble.

Turn off the heat and add the roasted and chopped cashews, the lime juice and the chopped chilli

Serve the pad thai on plates with a lime wedge.

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