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Cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach

Cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach

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Ricotta and spinach cannelloni recipe of 25-03-2011 [Updated on 25-09-2017]

Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach are a typical first course typical of Sunday, light and delicate, they are an excellent alternative to cannelloni with meat filling. They can be prepared the day before and baked just before being served on the table, my grandmother, when I was little, used to prepare cannelloni on Saturday afternoon with homemade egg puff pastry, a whole other story .. me for questions of practicality, in the recipe of cannelloni with ricotta and spinach I used the ready-made ones, and they came out really good, if you want and time this is the recipe for preparing egg pasta at home.
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How to make ricotta and spinach cannelloni

Prepare the bechamel.
Sauté the spinach in a pan with a knob of butter.
Chop the spinach coarsely and arrange them in a bowl with the ricotta, an egg, the grated Parmesan, salt, pepper and nutmeg.Mix everything until you get a homogeneous mixture

Cook the cannelloni in abundant salted water, drain them al dente and place them on a cloth.

With the help of a teaspoon, fill each cannelloni with the ricotta and spinach filling

Place the cannelloni in an ovenproof dish sprinkled with béchamel

Cover the cannelloni with the remaining béchamel and sprinkle with the grated Parmesan.

Place the ricotta and spinach cannelloni in the oven at 180 ° and cook for 20/25 minutes and then in grill mode for the last 5 minutes.

Once au gratin, allow the ricotta and spinach cannelloni to cool and serve

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