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Chicken with orange sauce

Chicken with orange sauce

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Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Chicken with orange sauce:

Leave the chicken in the water for 30 minutes. Put the meat and water in the olive oil in a frying pan, then put the lid on and let it boil until the water drops (I had country meat and I put more than 1/2 water but 1 cup) and let it what starts to brown the meat after it has taken on color, add the wine and salt + pepper, let it boil for a few minutes and cook the meat in the remaining juice, add 50 ml of water and orange slices, let it boil for a few minutes and stop . Serve with a garnish of puree or rice and of course with finely chopped dill (preferably parsley)

Chicken with orange sauce, Asian style

Chicken with orange sauce, Asian style. This dish is served very well with a bowl of rice, noodles or broccoli.

The fruits can also be used to prepare sauces that taste basic dishes, especially steaks. The orange sauce is not pretentious at all because you don't need a lot of ingredients to prepare it. We also find it in the menus of many restaurants. It goes very well with duck, turkey, pork, salmon, etc., due to the rich sweet-sour taste.

Did you know that Asian food is on the second place in the top of the most ordered dishes online in Romania. Open to culinary challenges, more and more Romanians take courage and taste from the Asian cuisine show. We like this experience as evidenced by the growing number of Asian restaurants.

Asian dishes taste different from western ones because they use spices and ingredients totally different from ours. The cooking methods are also different and make their dishes even more delicious. The main reason why Asian cuisine is so popular is its simplicity.

If you don't like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but you love delicious dishes, the chicken recipe with orange sauce is the perfect dish for you! Ready in just 20 minutes!

Chicken with orange sauce - Recipes

A recipe worth trying. Enjoy the intertwined flavors.

What you need for 6 servings (picture 1)
& # 8211 6 chicken legs
& # 8211 2 orange
& # 8211 1 lemon
& # 8211 2 tablespoons sugar
& # 8211 8 cloves of garlic
& # 8211 1 piece of ginger
& # 8211 salt, pepper
& # 8211 50 ml oil
& # 8211 potatoes (for garnish)

Work plan:
& # 8211 Squeeze the oranges and put the lemon juice in a bowl (picture 2). Caramelize the sugar (picture 3), then add the lemon and orange juice (picture 4) and leave it on the fire until the sugar crystals dissolve.
Wash the thighs, place them in a heat-resistant dish, season with salt, pepper, ginger and finely chopped garlic (picture 5). Add 50 ml of oil over the thighs, then the caramel sauce (picture 6)
Leave in the oven for about 40-50 minutes, until the thighs are browned on top (picture 7).
& # 8211 As a side dish I chose mashed potatoes. (picture 8).
Good appetite!

Preparation time: 60 minutes
Price: 3 lei / serving (may vary depending on where you take the ingredients and inflation)

Chicken with orange sauce - a simple and quick Chinese recipe

Wash the chicken breast and cut it into cubes. Add the chicken to a large bowl.

In a small bowl, mix the starch with the soy sauce and water to make the chicken marinade. Pour marinade over chicken and mix well. Cover the bowl and let the chicken marinate for 5-10 minutes.

While the chicken is marinating, prepare the orange sauce. In a bowl add the orange juice, brown sugar, starch, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, rice vinegar and sriracha sauce. Mix until you get a homogeneous composition.

In a large skillet, add the oil and let it heat up. With the help of a foamer or a spoon with holes, take the chicken out of the marinade and add it to the pan. Cook the chicken until it is well penetrated and acquires a golden color on all sides.

When ready, add the orange sauce and let everything boil until you get a thick, sticky sauce.

How do we give a great taste to chicken breast?

In order for this chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella to have a super taste, I marinated it very well before. I used orange juice, dried herbs, paprika, garlic and parsley. I added salt, pepper and olive oil. It is good to let it marinate for at least an hour. It is even better to leave it to marinate overnight or at least 6 hours. If you prepare it for dinner, you can marinate it in the morning before going to work. For lunch it can be marinated the night before. To fill the chest, I made notches on its width and in each I put mozzarella and slices of tomatoes. You can add other vegetables, but I preferred to limit myself to tomatoes.

After you have prepared each chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and tomatoes, all you have to do is put the tray in the oven. You can make a garnish separately or you can put some vegetables directly in the tray. Potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli. If not, you can make a fresh salad and a garlic sauce with yogurt. When it's ready, just take it out of the oven and serve it. It is very good and cold and you can take it without problems as lunch at the office. In addition, it is a low-carb preparation, so perfect for a low-carb diet. For another Hochland mozzarella dish, I invite you to try my recipe for buns with mozzarella and tomato sauce. They are irresistible!

Chicken with oranges, butter and garlic & # 8211 in the oven

Chicken with oranges, butter and garlic & # 8211 in the oven. A tender and reddish steak of whole chicken. A chicken stuffed with oranges, apples and onions, well greased with a butter flavored with garlic and rosemary. The cavalcade of aroma!

I also forgot about this chicken recipe stuffed with apples and oranges. My mother often made it according to a recipe from the & # 821770, noted in the Hungarian culinary magazine & # 8222Magyar Konyha & # 8222, a staif magazine that still exists today. Obviously, as the times didn't help us, you had to have someone in Hungary to subscribe to you and, with good luck, you received the magazines in Arad. And now I have them, sorted by year and filed by my mother.

While we were struggling with the food crisis and replacing substitutes to get egg-free cakes with margarine, water and a lot of rum essence, quality, honest and fair recipes were promoted in Hungary. They did not starve under the communists. In this magazine you were taught both traditional Hungarian and international recipes, culinary innovations, how to maintain food hygiene, including how to decorate the kitchen, how to rationally divide your time and how to present food in the most attractive way. (plating). Finally, each menu was followed by a recommendation for arranging the table and one regarding the perfect drink for that dish.

I have greatly appreciated this magazine since then, being in those years the only source of gastronomic information, in our country there is no such thing. Since the beginning of the & # 821780 years, there has been a TV show with recipes (Főzőcske), a show that was very dear to me and that I watched not long ago (on Youtube) with Oana. We all watched this TV show in the & # 821780s and were fascinated by the exotic and modern recipes presented there. I didn't really have the ingredients to reproduce them exactly. Cordon Bleu or onion soup with cheese served in bread.

So, in this magazine, my mother had seen this chicken with apples. We tried it and we liked it. It was kind of the Sunday lunch of those days when you had little choice but to cook. As I had a chicken, I made it with an apple. I rarely had oranges

Butter works wonders with chicken or turkey. It can be inserted under the skin and, by melting in the type of baking, it fantastically tenderizes that meat. Not to mention the great aroma that permeates the steak.

Here you can also find the recipe for some super tender and tasty ones turkey legs with flavored butter with lemon.


INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PORTIONS :, - boneless chicken breast - 4 pieces, - olive oil, - salt, ground white pepper, - oranges - 1 piece, - honey - 0.100 kg, - red wine vinegar - 0.040 L, - butter - 0, 080 kg, - sweet white wine - 0.040 L, - sliced ​​toast - 2 pcs, - Philadelphia cheese - 0.120 kg, - fresh basil leaves, - cognac

Difficulty: Average | Time: 30 min


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